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Creating "browseable" versions of important
historical documents

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Historical Documents

To kick things off I have created my first such "browseable" document:
"From Shamrocks to Serapes". San Diego Harbor It is a very interesting history of the Irish in early California. The picture is of San Diego in the late 1800s.

Welcome to my Irish History web site

My purpose is to provide visitors with HTML or “browseable” versions of important historical documents.

History books and various kinds of official reports contain many references and footnotes. HTML allows me to put these footnotes and references in a column alongside the main text of a document for viewing in a browser.

Later I hope to provide hyperlinks from some of these footnotes to the actual documents they quote. All this will greatly enhance our access to and how we absorb information from these original documents. We can all become historians!

Click, enjoy and come back regularly to study many more “browseable” historical documents.